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Which one of you did it?  

That’s awesome.


Well this is heartbreaking. :(

"What’s wrong with you?"

"I have no idea."


Character Weeks

WEEK 5, DAY 4: Penny- Favourite Relationship 

It’s not a place you’ll find God.

I think I’m an artist. A full rounded artist. That’s what I love, you know. It’s art.

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olicity: a summary.




Hail King Henry!

#he looks so fierce and angry and sweaty and dark and covered with blood *sigh* #OF COURSE IT’S HISTORICALLY INACCURATE! #but it doesn’t ruin his character development because well… he had none in the show #and it doesn’t twist historical facts by humiliating him with ridiculous plots -like sadly we have with other characters #SERIOUSLY he deserved much more screen time! instead we had such UNNECESSARY AND ABSURD SCENES #//forever frustrated// #AND DON’T EVEN LET ME START ABOUT HIS CHARACTER ASSASSINATION IN THE WHITE PRINCESS! DON’T!! #*protective hug around Henry*

I know right!? I wish there would be an adaptation of Henry VII portrayed by Michael and Freya as EoY, NO WHITE PRINCESS.

summer comes, winter fades, here we are just the same
heavy words are hard to take, under pressure precious things can break

forever, for worse or better
my poor heart will only surrender

Her son was looking down at her, Catelyn realized. Was it war that made him grow so fast, she wondered, or the crown they had put on his head?